Wine of the Week for April 23, 2007

Dancing Bull Cabernet Sauvignon 2002- $13.95
Style: R3

A Cal Cab for under 15 bucks? This one shows rich vanilla, chocolate, black currant and blackberries on the nose, with just a hint of marshmallow. Sweet and juicy berries on the attack, silky smooth with blueberry and cherry flavours, mild tannins and a good core of strength. Rather full bodied and nicely balanced with an elegant finish. A gentle mannered wine that is suitable for sweetish dishes such as stews, tomato sauces or lamb. (LCBO 30023)

(The current trend at the LCBO is toward fast-turnover bulk wines, often in 'creative' packaging. There also seems to be a dearth of decent white wines being brought in, and those that do make the grade (MY grade) are often over priced. I had originally picked Matua Riesling to feature, but it's over $16 -- not a bargain at all!)

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