Wine of the Week for November 24, 2008

Gabianno Pinot Grigio IGT 2007 - $12.95
Style: W3
Italy: Venezia

The aromas here suggest peach and lemon with whiffs of apple and caramel. The palate is quite soft, with light flavours of ripe macintosh, orange and lemon zest atop soft acidity. Light body with good length and a somewhat tart finish, this is definitely a food wine, and would pair well with soft cheeses, any sort of poultry or sushi. (LCBO 77990)

Wine of the Week for November 17, 2008

Flor de Crasto Douro 2006 - $9.95
Style: R2


When they're not turning their grapes into Port, Douro vintners are offering up some splendid, flavourful table wines. The deep black cherry colour here suggests an ample wine. The nose regails with rich beetroot, crush berries and cherry, plus traces of tobacco and cedar. Rather tangy, with subtle cherry flavour and moderate tannins, it's quite juicy and has very good body and length. And it's a classed wine for under ten bucks! A good partner for lamb or beef, or a Tuesday night pizza. (LCBO 89870)

Wine of the Week for November 10, 2008

Mezzomondo Pinot Grigio Classico 2007 - $9.95
Style: W3


Here's another Sicilian treat! Medium lemon-straw colour. The nose presents subtle aromas of vanilla, lemon zest and musk. The palate is middle of the road, but crisp and tasty with ripe apple, vanilla and hints of citrus and pear, good body and very good length and development. A solid performance. My choice would be anything with mushrooms, soft cheeses or sushi. (LCBO 79301)

Wine of the Week for November 3, 2008

Danzanti Merlot 2006 - $11.95
Style: R3


I'm generally skeptical of Merlot from Italy but this off-shore offering is quite good. With a full black-cherry colour, it shows delicate aromas of rose, violet and green pepper with nuances of oak and cherry. Quite round and tangy with firm tannins, dark chocolate and cherry flavour; very good body and length. It's rather mainstream but very well made and would go nicely with any style of beef, baba ganough or mushroom sauces. (LCBO 73833)