Wine of the Week for May 19, 2008

Cypress Merlot 2005 - $11.50
Style: R3


Look for some real depth here, with woody, dark chocolate, bell pepper, and ripe dark berry aromas. Quite big, with firm tannins, sweetish cherry/berry flavours and a solid acid core. Very good body and length. A lot of wine for the price, combining New World fruitiness with Old World structure. Serve with beef Wellington, lasagne or mature hard cheeses. (LCBO 56416)

A Canadian Moment

Magnotta Cabernet Sauvignon VQA 2006 - $9.95
Style: R3

Canada: Niagara

This is a splendid showing for a cool climate Cab. The colour is a deep garnet ruby colour. The nose shows lush aromas of spice, dried herbs, with nuances of prune and sweet smokey oak. Nicely round, with ripe dark berry flavours dominated by cherry, a refreshing acidity and moderate tannins. Fairly big with very good length, and a nice shot of pepper at the close. Young and spirited with oodles of character, and an ideal partner for red sauces, mushrooms or beef tenderloin. (Magnotta stores only)

Wine of the Week for May 5, 2008

Dona Isadora Riesling 2006 - $11.95
Style: W3

Riesling from Chile? Why not, when it can show rich aromas of mango, apricot and lemon with just a touch of paraffin. The palate is totally dry, with a light apple flavour and a tart finish. Good body and very good length. The here is terrific although I'd like to see more reisling character on the palate. A good match for any kind of roasted bird or stir fry. (LCBO 57182)

A Canadian Moment

Strewn Gewurztraminer VQA - 2006 -$12.95
Style: W3
Ontario: Niagara

This is on limited offer for a dollar off, making it an even better value. Very full on the nose with rose, apricot and a touch of spiced apple. Round and soft on the palate, slightly tart, with white peach and apple flavour, and a slightly oily texture. I'd like to see a bit more on the palate, but otherwise it's a good offering and should work well with seafoods, or cured ham . (LCBO 65359)