Wine of the Week for May 28, 2007

Casillero del Diablo Shiraz Rosé 2006 - $12.15
Style: Rosé

This winery is always a good source of value with quality. The colour here is a deep apple pink -- almost ruby. There's a good bit of spice on the nose accompanied by ripe apple and traces of blackberry. Quite solid and refreshing, showing a good bit of weight, with a luscious mix of apple and dark berries. One for the BBQ and able to stand up to heavier dishes. (LCBO 39479)

Wine of the Week for May 21, 2007

Pelee Island Baco Noir VQA 2005 - $10.95
Style: R2
Canada: Pelee Island

While Pelee Island Winery churns out a lot of Cellared in Canada plonk, it's nice to see them also producing good VQA wines. The nose here is classic baco: spicy cedar wood and blueberry with a slight pickly impression. There’s a good baco bite on the palate with a forward acidity, mild tannins, plus blueberry and blackberry flavour. Very good body and length. Quite refined without losing the baco character. Nicely done, ans suitable for grilled red meats, curry or tomato sauces. (LCBO 485128)

Wine of the Week for May 14, 2007

Dancing Bull Chardonnay 2005 - $10.05
Style: W1

Nothing earth shattering here -- just a good, simple wine at a fair price. Full straw in colour, it shows good oak and butter on the nose, accompanied by traces of baked lemon and baked apple. A little thin, with mainly over-ripe apple flavour and a slightly tart close. Try with simple fish or pork dishes. (LCBO 29991)

Wine of the Week for May 7, 2007

Fonte Al Sole Toscana I.G.T. 2003 - $13.15
Style: R3
Italy: Tuscany

Deep garnet coloured with a touch of mahogany. The nose is very earthy combined with leather, dried cherry and a hint of animale. Very nicely balance on the palate, with moderate tannins, firm acidity, cherry/strawberry flavour and an earthy close. Very good body and length. A splendid example and an exceptional stand-in for quality chianti. Try with hearty stews, firm cheese or game fowl. (LCBO 18994)

Worth Looking for...

Stoney Ridge Bench Cabernet Franc VQA 2004 - $13.05
Style: R1
Canada: Niagara

This one reminds me more of Pinot Noir or Bourgeuil, with wood, red currant, vanilla and pickle juice on the nose. Light on the palate, sweetish on the uptake, with a solid acid spine, fine tannins and gobs of blackberry flavour. It would be amusing to cellar a few bottles for 2-3 years. Too bad it's been discontinued at the LCBO. (LCBO 525691)