Wine of the Week for September 28, 2009

Fish Hoek Sauvignon Blanc 2008 - $9.95
Style: W2
South Africa

The name here refers to a resort area near Cape Town in South Africa. The nose is understated with lime, fig, and just a hint of chemical. Rich and flavourful on the palate, with tangy with lemon, crisp apple and a suggestion of butter on the close. Very good body and length. Not typical of sauvignon, but good overall and excellent value. Would work well with Thai dishes, mild cheeses or white sauces. (LCBO 129726)

Wine of the Week for September 21, 2009

L.A. Cetto Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 - $10.45
Style: R3

Mexico: Baha

The deep black-cherry colour attests to the depth of this delightful bargain. The nose presents rich aromas of dried cherry, leather, cedar, and vanilla. Quite full and juicy, with raisin, plum and dark cherry flavours, a tangy acidity and solid tannins. Very good body; long with a slight sour note on the finish. Put a couple of bottles away for a year or two or decant and serve with beef or ribs off the grill. (LCBO 114066)

Wine of the Week for September 7, 2009

Santa Carolina Chardonnay Reserve 2008 - $11.85
Style: W1


I'm finding a certain hint of "skunk" in new world chardonnays, and it's quite pleasant. Also look for rich spice, oak, apple, and caramel aromas. The palate is round and smooth, with juicy apple flavours, a trace of caramel and a refreshing acidity. Fairly big with very good length, it's total new world classicism. Try with creamy cheeses, chicken Kiev or mushroom dishes. (LCBO 304022)

Buy Local ...

Peninsula Ridge Inox Chardonnay VQA 2008 - $12.75
Style: W1

Ontario: Niagara

Inox refers to the fermentation tank: stainless steel and not a trace of oak. The nose shows a riot of funky aromas including garrigue, stone fruits, and whiffs of grass and tar. Crisp and clean with a rich spiciness, citrus/grapefruit flavour, and even a hint of woodiness. Very good body and length. This is yummy, classy stuff that would go well with pork, tempura, or cream sauces. (LCBO 594200)

Wine of the Week for August 31, 2009

Flor de Crasto Douro 2007 - $10.95
Style: R1


Originally a Vintages product, this makes a nice addition to the LCBO’s “General List”. Look for aromas of rose, strong tea, dried cherry and a hint of sweet oak. The palate is light but pleasing, with mainly cherry flavour and mild tannins. Simple backyard refreshment that will pair nicely with pizza or anything off the grill. (LCBO 89870)