Wine of the Week for April 19, 2010

Niagara Cellars (20 Bees) Sundance Riesling 2008 - $8.95
Style: W3

Canada: Niagara

I’m a little confused by this one. Not by the wine, but by its origin and positioning. This is an all-Ontario wine, but it’s not VQA. And it’s being stocked by the LCBO. If you’ve been following the VQA vs. CIC story, then you have to wonder how this “second tier” oddity got into the store. That said, it’s quite a good wine. Look for subtle paraffin, lime peel and rose aromas. Quite nice on the palate, with under-ripe lemon, green apple and a hint of grapefruit. Good body and very good length with a nippy close. Excellent for the price. Serve with curry or taco salad, or just take it out on the deck. (LCBO 158667)

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