Wine of the Week for October 16, 2009

Pillitteri Equifera Chardonnay 2007 - $14.95
Style: W1

Canada: Niagara

Look for subtle aromas of oak, citrus, baked apple, and butter. Quite tasty, with the oak leading off, giving way to mainly apple flavour. Good body and length with a pleasantly tart finish. Try with chicken Kiev, carbonnara sauce or creamy cheese. (LCBO 134155)

Malivoire "Red" 2008 - $14.95
Style: R3

Canada: Niagara

The colour here is an inky black cherry. Lovely vegetal nose, plus oak, dark berries, vanilla and spice. Appears to be dominated by merlot, with plum and dark berry flavours, gentle tannins and a somewhat bitter acidity. Good body and length. Nicely done. Would work well with roasts, hearty cheeses or lamb. (Lab LCBO 141523)

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