Wine of the Week for January 5, 2009

Farnese Sangiovese IGT 2007 - $12.65
Style: R1/R3

Italy: Ortona

In case you don’t know the Sangiovese grape, it makes up at least 85% of chianti, and it’s grown in just about every region in Italy. This lightish example shows subtle aromas of beetroot, cherry, wood, toast, and a hint of wet cement. Quite round and tangy, it has rich raspberry flavour, firm acidity, solid tannins, and a smoky close. Very good body and length for the style. It could be a surprise cellar candidate and at this stage decanting might be warranted. Try with pizza, roast beef, rugged stews, or lamb sausages. (LCBO 31971)


Anonymous said...

Wet cement? That alone convinces me to try this one! I know the Farnese wines generally as table wines, but one that also has the potential for cellaring and for which you recommend decanting is a must try, too.

JollyRogers said...

I've tried this a couple times. Not terribly distinctive, but good value for sure. Ill buy it again next time I only have 8 bucks and want something that isn't FuZion