Wine of the Week for December 1, 2008

Ogio Primitivo 2006 - $8.85
Style: R2

The Primitivo grape may be the source of California's Zinfandel. You'll find a rich nose on this one, with dried cherry, fruit lather, and traces Of cedar and cardamom. Very tasty with rich bumbleberry flavour and somewhat dusty tannins. Very good body and length. An impressive little wine and an astounding value. I intend to buy all I can find. Try with lamb, old gamey cheeses or anything off the barbie. (LCBO 86421)

A Canadian Moment...

Lifestyle labels? Give me a break! But Erie North Shore's Colio Wines have embraced the concept and delivered a very nice package that would be just the thing for giving or receiving. Girls' Night Out includes an excellent Chardonnay, a respectable Merlot and a pretty good "Merlot-Chardonnay", also known as rose. (LCBO 89706)

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