Wine of the Week for August 18, 2008

Two from Ontario...

Hillebrand Artist Series Unoaked Chardonnay VQA 2006 - $10.95
Style: W1

Canada: Niagara

Here’s a super bargain from one of Ontario’s most reliable wineries. With a medium straw colour, it delivers ample aromas of citrus, apple and pear, with nuances of butterscotch and underbrush. Quite tasty, crisp and tangy with baked apple flavour, traces of lemon and a smoky close. Good body and length. Quite even-handed; solid with a good amount of character. Try a bottle with ocean fish, creamy pasta or pork dishes. (LCBO 88385)

Colio Girls' Night Out Chardonnay VQA 2006 - $12.95
Style: W1
Canada: Erie N. Shore

It may be that critter labels have had their day in the sun. The new trend is “Lifestyle” labels. One of a trio under this new moniker, the chardonnay shows subtle aromas of apple, melon and grass. Very nicely made, with aromas of apple and citrus, and a hint of peach. Medium body and fairly long, with good evolution in the glass. The addition of 3% gewurz makes this an interesting brew with no loss of chardonnay character. Try with roast chicken or roasted vegetables. (LCBO 89821)


hajen said...

I'm quite happy with the trend of unoaked chards becoming more available locally. I had an unoaked chardonnay from Hillebrand years ago, and loved it, but they only made a small batch of it and I couldn't find any again after that.

I'm definitely interested in trying both of these choices. I'm really enjoying this resource and your reviews - so thanks for serving this niche (our local wines, and what we can get at the LCBO). =)

RichardB said...

Nice to know my efforts are appreciated.