Wine of the Week for March 3, 2008

Espiritu du Chile Sauvignon Blanc 2006 - $10.95
Style: W2

This spirited number plays like an every day Italian white. The very pleasant nose presents subtle pink grapefruit and grass aromas, with a hint of vanilla. Light on the palate, with mainly grapefruit flavour and a pleasantly tart finish. Good body and very good length, it will go well with lighter fare. Think 'lunch'. (LCBO 60640)

Worth looking for...

Four Emus Sauvignon-Semillon 2005 - $14.15
Style: W2

This product, unfortunately, has been discontinued at the LCBO, but there is still quite a bit of stock available. The nose shows loads of gooseberry and green pepper, with a hint of black pepper. Round yet crisp on the palate, spicy with gobs of grapefruit, apple and gooseberry. Very good body and length. A terrific example that's not overpowered by the semillon. (LCBO 615039)

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