Wine of the Week for November 10, 2007

Drostdy-Hof Reserve Shiraz 2006 - $12.95
Style: R2
South Africa

Somebody obviously didn't get the memo about plonk and tetrapaks. Here we have a full litre of rather good wine, wrapped in cardboard, plastic and aluminum. The nose shows dark chocolate, blackberry and vanilla, with nuances of bell pepper and smoke. The palate is quite smooth, somewhat sweetish, with juicy blueberry, black berry and raspberry flavours, moderate tannins and a good acidic spine. Very good value for any night of the week and a good partner for antipasto, stuffed peppers or BBQ bird. (LCBO 669036)


Yvonne Cunnington said...

Where can I find the memo about tetrapaks? Can you provide a link to it? Thanks, Yvonne

RichardB said...

Sorry, the "memo" referenced was a bit of a joke. I've tasted so much bad wine in tetrapak that I was beginning to think it was a standard.