Wine of the Week for July 9, 2007

Fetzer 'Valley Oaks' Pinot Grigio 2005 - $11.95
Style: W3

There's a rich cocktail of aromas here: spice, gooseberry, and grapefruit with nuances of apricot and vanilla. The palate is mouth-watering with a citrusy acidity and loads of peach flavour. Very good body and length, with a pleasantly tart close. This juicy fruit-bomb would be terrific at any chill level. A perfect partner for the grill, including seafood, poultry or pork on a stick (LCBO 34041)

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Wino Will said...

Bought a bottle and posted tasting notes at Strictly Tasting. Don't know how many superlatives you can fit into a $12 wine and still leave room for the above average - and maintain credibility. 'Loads of peach', 'juicy fruit-bomb'? Maybe it's differing perspectives. I did get some extras for a visit of the in-laws this weekend though. Salut