Wine of the Week for May 21, 2007

Pelee Island Baco Noir VQA 2005 - $10.95
Style: R2
Canada: Pelee Island

While Pelee Island Winery churns out a lot of Cellared in Canada plonk, it's nice to see them also producing good VQA wines. The nose here is classic baco: spicy cedar wood and blueberry with a slight pickly impression. There’s a good baco bite on the palate with a forward acidity, mild tannins, plus blueberry and blackberry flavour. Very good body and length. Quite refined without losing the baco character. Nicely done, ans suitable for grilled red meats, curry or tomato sauces. (LCBO 485128)

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Carrie™ said...

My husband is a HUGE fan of Henry of Pelham's Baco. Perhaps he'd like this one too. Thank you for the review!