Drink Wine and Do Good Works!

Starting in April, South Africa’s Obikwa Wines is launching their 3rd Annual Campaign to Support Nelson Mandela’s Children Fund (Canada) to help children in need. Part of the proceeds from each bottle of Obikwa sold in Canada will be contributed to the charity.

Although I can’t direct you to any specific wine (not in my notes at this point), you might consider trying their Sauvignon Blanc (LCBO 527465; $8.75), Shiraz (LCBO 527499; $9.25), or Cabernet Sauvignon (LCBO 665323; $9.25) and then report back to me.

Over the past two years Obikwa has donated $25,000 to the Fund. The 2007 donation will increase by $20,000 bringing the total to $45,000.

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Anonymous said...

Just tried the 2007 Shiraz. Smooth with a hint of spice...can't beat the price.