Wine of the Week for December 11, 2006

Strewn Semi-dry Riesling VQA 2005 - $10.95
Style: W3
Canada: Niagara

My mission lately is to find good, reasonably priced riesling -- not an easy task with shelves dominated by cheap chardonnay in tetra-pak. This one, from Strewn in Niagara-on-the-Lake, is understated, but totally authentic, with aromas of citrus and dried peaches, plus nuances of petrol, beeswax and cold cream. The palate is like fine silk, and I would say closer to off dry, with just a whisper of sugar, crisp acidity and delicate citrus/apple flavours. Very good body and length with a tangy close. Wonderfully refreshing and a great match for pork, or anything spicy. (LCBO 616599)

MADD as Hell ...

I was very disappointed on the weekend to see a report on MADD Canada. Apparently, of the $12 Million they collect every year, only 19% actually goes to the cause. A 'good' charity can direct as much as 80% of their fund-raising to doing what they set out to do. I think the next time that MADD calls and asks me for a $100 donation, maybe I'll give them what they seem to really need: $19.

One more bubbly to consider

Ch. De Montguere Cremant de Loire Brut NV - $18.95
Style: Off Dry
Francemoke on the finish. Very good body and length, and you can get two bottles for the price of a co

Rich mousse, slightly short-lived, with a fine almond-lemon colour. Rich, ripe citrus, apple and spice aromas with a trace of toast at the rear. Creamy, round, crisp and spicy on the tongue, with a full mousse, the merest hint of sugar, and a wave of smparable champagne. (LCBO 621896)

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