Wine of the Week for September 18, 2006

Henry Of Pelham Cabernet-Baco VQA 2004 - $12.50
Style R1
Ontario: Niagara

Rich ruby-garnet colour. Mellow dark plum, cherry, spice and smokey oak. Very easy on the palate, in a beaujolais weight, with dark berries, plum, smoke and spice, with modest tannins and a firm spine. Good body and length. A wonderful mid-week quaffer, showing lots of distinctive character. Try with vegetarian chilli, pizza or tomato sauces. (LCBO 252882)

Cellar of Shame
Where I pay tribute to the general free-fall in quality
on LCBO General List shelves.

Domaine Vincon Feteasca Neagra

This one was a first for me. Aside from being an outright palate-killer, this wine was so coarse, so nasty, that I actually went rifling through my briefcase to see if I had anything resembling a red flag to hang on the bottle as a warning to others. This wine should be sold with a warning label or, better still, packaged up and sent back to its country of origin where even the distillers may have second thoughts about it. Avoid at all costs!


Carrie™ said...

Oooo. Sounds like you tasted a real stinker. With a review like that I WILL avoid it at all costs.
The Henry of Pelham is a different story. I really like that winery. I don't think I've every tasted a bad thing from them. My husband is a lover of Baco and H of P is his number one pick.

Dean Tudor said...

Cellar of Shame? Why not call it a Dungeon? Why dignify a Cellar with this sort of thing...