Wine of the Week for July 31, 2006

Soluna Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie IGT (1-litre Tetrapak) 2005 - $12.95
tyle: W3

I’m not a fan of wine in tetrapaks – most of what I’ve sampled has been little better than jug wine -- but here’s one that's actually worth looking at! With a light straw colour, it shows a good citrusy nose with nuances of melon and vanilla and just a touch of herbaceousness. The palate is quite tasty, with flavours of baked lemon and apple and a crisp acidity -- but some noticeable SO2. Would go well with BBQ chicken, fish kabobs or mushroom risotto, and if you happen to drop it on the concrete patio, no need to worry. (LCBO 614412)


Carrie™ said...

I've never ventured to the tetrapak zone either. I always think, wine in a box....baaaad! But isn't that the way we used to think of screwcaps?
So, I think I'll take the plunge and give your pick a try. $12.95 and it's a 1 litre size. Sounds like a good deal. The proof will be in the glass...a glass glass. Not a plastic patio glass. I draw the line with my stemware. If I drop it on the concrete patio, there's one less to wash, right?

Anonymous said...

I have had this pinot grigio before and its grea tin the summer. Just throw the tetrapak in some ice and head outside to the deck and enjoy!