Wine of the Week for March 13, 2006

Banrock Station Chardonnay 2005 - $9.00
Style: W1

It’s nice to see Aussie Chardonnay coming in below the $10 mark without giving up much of its character. With a rich lemon-straw colour, this one delivers delightful aromas of baked lemon, spiced apple, toasty oak, and clarified butter. The palate is crisp with a cleansing acidity, more butter and a lemony bite. Quite round, leaning toward mellow, with good body and length. This is classic New World stuff that would work well with asparagus risotto, roast chicken or chicken stir fry. (LCBO 463943)

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Dean Tudor said...

I found this wine too light, which is common to all chardonnays under $10 (either too light or too sweet). My favourite cheap under $10 chard is the Woolpunda (also from Oz), at $8.95. It has body and stuffing, lacking a finish that is acceptable with food.