Wine of the Week for January 9, 2006

Deinhard Hans Cristof Liebfraumilch 2003 - $9.95
Style: W3

Here's a recommendation you probably thought you'd never see. Wasn't Liebfraumilch that cheap jug wine we turned to when we tired of Baby Duck? The regulations say that it must be a "quality" wine, but typically that was no guarantee of a "good" wine. Thankfully, most wines have improved over the years. The nose here shows goodly amounts of honey, peach and ripe macintosh apple with a hint of leafiness. Very soft on the palate, but with good apple and stone fruit flavours. Just off-dry with a lightish body and good length. Could this revive an entire class of wine? Hard to say, but this is a pretty decent showing. A good match for delicate fish or to warm up the room. (LCBO 3269)

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